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By registering with Pigeon you are agreeing to the terms, rules and regulations provided below.

What are the fees?
Here at we like to think that anyone should be able to use the auction software no matter the price on their birds. Our competitors charge a flat rate and sometimes throw a percentage charge on top of that! There methods limit people from retaining the money that they deserve! That is why Pigeon Depot charges a flat percentage of 10% and ONLY if the bird sells. List as many times as you want and we only charge you once it's sold. This structure means that no matter the price of your bird whether it be 20$ or 200$ there is a spot for you on our auction! Sellers make 90% + profit here at Our competition limits you to barely even 65% profits, and even worse if your bird sells for higher!

Here at Pigeon Depot we like to reward sellers for making a bigger transaction! Which is why we offer lower commissions of 7% for sales over $500.00 (excludes shipping). Our competitors make it seem as a punishment by adding higher percentages on top of the flat rate.

We also offer bulk sales commissions. Listing multiple lots through Pigeon Depot will earn you lower commission rates. Contact Pigeon Depot for terms and rates.

How does it work as a seller?
Simple! You the seller will sign up using our very simple auction software and create an account. You will then list whatever birds you wish by filling in all the details of the form on the "List Pigeon" page, send as many pictures via email with no extra charge (we want our bidders to be informed). The auction will successfully end and we will send the buyer an invoice, the buyer will then send us the money. We take multiple methods such as Money Order, Checks, QuickBooks Credit/Debit and Paypal. Once we receive payment from the buyer we will then let you know its ok to ship. Shorty after the buyer receives the bird, you will recieve your profits via check or PayPal, if you'd like a money order we will take the money order fee out of your profits. This process is the best protection for buyer and seller. We also now offer payment via paypal so that funds are available as soon as possible. Client is responsible for transaction fees.

Pigeon Depot is designed to be a simple, hassle free program but offer all the luxury of a high dollar auction site!

How does it work for the buyer?
Even more simple! The buyer will sign up and become a member which is completely free. Once the bidder has won an auction, you will receive a confirmation email that will ask how you would like to pay, shortly there after you will receive a Quickbooks invoice with your total amount due.  We accept Money Order, Checks and Quickbooks (Debt/Credit 3.5% fee). We also except Paypal (Credit) users will be charged an additional 4% fee unless they can pay as "friends or family". Once payment has been received the seller will be instructed to send the bird to the contact information that you have provided on your membership info. You do NOT need to be a Paypal member to pay with thier service. Buyers have 10 days to pay for the auction(s) won. If you need more time or need some type of exception please email If you do not pay the item will be re-listed and your account will be banned.

In the situation that a bird has been shipped and received unhealthy in terms of active sickness or has suffered permanent damage to an illness or injury that was not disclosed in the listing. The buyer may return the bird for a refund without the shipping money paid. The bird will be shipped to the seller at the buyers expense. If the bird has perished due to illness, improper shipping or another situation that puts negligence on the seller, the buyer will receive full refund including shipping money. 

Do you offer a hands free service?
Yes, we can accommodate sellers by housing, photographing, and shipping their birds.  I will take excellent photos, using a photo box that will capture the bird via photo. Eye sign is included, if you wish to use a cut out or custom background there will be additional charges. Base price is $15 per bird however prices may vary depending on lot variables, please contact us for terms of agreement on such services. The photos below are an example of our hands free services in standard format. Pigeon Depot will assume all costs and profits of shipping birds to buyers once the auction ends. Consignor is responsible for shipping costs of birds sent to Pigeon Depot. Pigeon Depot is not responsible for loss or death of pigeons during this service. By participating in this service you are agreeing to the terms outlined above. 


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Shipping Charges.
Shipping is $60.00.  If you buy multiple birds from the same seller (same loft location) the first bird will be charged $60, 2nd bird $10, 3rd bird $10, 4th bird $10, 5th bird $60 and so on.  If birds are from different sellers/lofts each 1st bird from that loft will be $60.  Birds held at the holding loft are shipped for $60 for 1 bird, and $10 for each additional bird from our location, all birds will be marked in the discription if they are held at Pigeon Depot, please ask if you are unsure. Once a 5th bird is shipped from us a new single bird box will be needed to use in which it will incurr another $60.00 charge and start adding $10.00 once again from there. Birds from different sellers can be combined therefore saving $$$ on shipping. As long as they are in our location.




Sexing of birds.
Pigeon Depot is not responsible for the correct sex on each pigeon. If you have a discrepancy with the sex of your pigeon we can help facilitate a deal with the seller. Please contact us

What breeds of birds can I list?
Pigeon Depot doesn't segregate by breed, we accept all pigeon breeds, however our primary focus is Racing Homers. We welcome all breeds to the auction whether it be Performance or Show breeds.  Pigeon Depot the Auction for All Pigeons!

Is there a fee to become a bidder or member of Pigeon Depot?
There is no fee to become a bidder or to join our auction site. We encourage people to become members so they can experience our auctions to its fullest.

What forms of payment do you take?
We take Check, Money Order and Debit/Credit via QuickBooks(3.5% Fee) or paypal (additional 4% fee unless sending friends and family). You do NOT need to be a member of Paypal to make payments on Pigeon Depot purchases.

How do I view questions from buyers?
PigeonDepot will automatically send an email notice when your listed item has any questions. To answer these questions as a seller, log in to and go under the "My Account" field. In that field you should be able to see a button that is titled "Questions", which will display all of your questions that you have waiting for you.  If you have a question and it is not answered in a timely fashion please contact

What time zone does PigeonDepot use?
PigeonDepot uses Eastern Time, please be aware of this for when you are looking at our auction listings.

Club Hosting
Is your club, combine or other organized group planning a big event? Contact us, we would love to feature your clubs auction as an event on our website to gain you larger exposure. Each event is different so please contact so that we can work together to get your event noticed! We have active advertising, reasonable prices (even better for your event) and simple to use software!  Its a great way to offset the club/combine's finances bringing in more money to your group, reducing the amount the members need to come up with.