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I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank everyone that participated in the Funeral Fund of Travis Juedes. Together as a culture as long as all bidders pay we raised right around $9000.00 for this well deserving cause. Preliminary counts have it at $9081.00 with another round of birds coming available this upcoming week. 

Pigeon Depot prides itself on being able to host these auctions. If we were only able to be open for these types events it would still make our last two years efforts all worth it. My heart is so overwhelmed with joy that I cannot even explain it with words.

Thanks goes out to those that donated and that bid. Huge thank you to Tony Yang for organizing the off-site work with this. You are the spark that lit the flame. 

On a separate note, Paypal was being ridiculous tonight and wouldn't let me access the "request money" tool so I had to make all of the requests from my Paypal phone application rather than desktop. Please do not hesitate to contact us about an invoice or lack there of.  

Thank you all for your continued support.

We are having a fundraiser for a great man and a family that has experienced a lot of loss.
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All birds that are currently paid in full at the Pigeon Depot holding lofts will be shipped 12-5-17.

This is just a note to all members of Pigeon Depot to please update your contact info. It is critically important that you have the correct address, phone number and email in your account. On multiple occasions now birds have been returned or abandoned because addresses or phone numbers are incorrect.

Please go in PRIOR to bidding or buying an item and make sure all of your contact info is correct.

Listings submitted after Wednesday at 6pm ET may be held until the following week to ensure a quality listing and ample time for bidders to view your item.

After a few discussions with members we have made efforts to make listing a pigeon easier for you sellers out there. We have revised the listing form down to just 5 fields instead of 12. We are also currently working on a way to upload photos directly rather than email. Until then, emailing a photo is still the correct way to complete a listing on

Dearest Fanciers, Freinds and in some cases Family

It is with mixed emotions I blast this email to our membership. Pigeon Depot is bigger and better than I ever dreamed. What started off as a vendetta and chance to help our pigeon community obtain an integral, supportive and fair auction site that anyone of any level can use, has grown into 1200+ members, thousands of birds listed and countless friends gained. This site has seen and surpassed all of our expectations. Literally hours before Shane's passing, he told me "Congratulations buddy, we made it" with a confident chuckle on the end. Pigeon Depot means more than anyone may ever know, not because of money made or even pigeons in general but because it was built from the ground up most of the time in the late hours of the night with blood and most recently tears by my best buddy Shane Aherns and myself. 

Sadly the site does require time, time that I find myself losing steadily with a baby on the way in January. For those that don't know me well, you should know. I am a very active flyer, I hold multiple positions in the Twin City Concourse, I pride myself on being a competitive flyer, I also work full time in hospital finance in a salary position with sporadic hours. When Shane and I were tag teaming the site, none of this was an issue because Shane dedicated himself fully to Pigeon Depot, which is why we are where are now. With a baby on the way I fear that one of these items may have to subside to the baby, growing family and career. 

Rather than just simply dropping the site and ending its glorious existence I would much rather offer someone a chance to own the site. Someone that will take care of it and continue the legacy that it no doubt will prove. Already in the sites second year business wise Pigeon Depot is very healthy and its membership is as solid as any other site on the national market. From week to week we consistently have peolple jumping ship from the competition to Pigeon Depot because of its integrity and the value it offers. 

Please consider Pigeon Depot officially for sale. Every offer will be entertained, serious inquiries may receive and may be disclosed financial numbers, to remain private of course. Just because the site in its entirety is for sale does not mean we are shutting down. Pigeon Depot will remain operational 100%. IF Pigeon Depot doesn't become sold, I will no doubt be continuing its legacy on my own or with a buy in partner. The quality that you are used to seeing on Pigeon Depot will remain and operations will continue as normal. 

Serious inquiries can be emailed to 

Thank you for your continued support,
 Dan Feltenstein

Shipping rates have changed when receiving birds from Pigeon Depot Holding Lofts. Shipping from the holding loft will be $55.00 for the first bird and $10.00 for each additional bird. If a 5th bird is purchased the need for another 4 bird or 1-2 bird box may be required which will charge another $55.00 and $10.00 from there. This is also true for the 9th, 13th etc. Pigeon Depot will do what we can to limit cost but the livelihood of the birds must be 1st priority.

Please be aware that on the week of Independence day there will be no birds mailed out on Monday July 3rd or Tuesday July 4th. We will mail out anything we can from the holding lofts on July 5th. Also please be aware that the following week Pigeon Depot will be on vacation July 8th through July 15th this however will only effect shipping from the holding lofts and will not effect listings or 3rd party shippings.

Pigeon Depot is currently looking for pigeon holding services staff and affiliates.




If interested please send an email expressing interest with a brief background and references to

Hello all,
I hope the summer is treating you all well. I wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone that has offered support to Shane's family and myself. It has been a difficult time but with your encouraging words we all will triumph. 

We are running the last couple donation birds for Shane's Funeral Fundraiser. Because of all of your efforts and generosity we have raised nearly $4000.00 (once everyone is paid up) to help ease the financial grief of Shane's Family. This is a warm spot in my heart. It proves that even through all of the competition with each other, we are all still a tight knit family of fanciers. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for everyone's participation. 

This week we have a group of fantastic birds. It always makes me proud to see the high quality birds that we are listing these days compared to when we first started. We have come a long ways and our quality of birds has shown that.