LOT 1: Jackpot Racing Pigeon Show and Auction- Please Read
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4 days, 9 hours +
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10/18/20 12:00 AM
12/06/20 08:00 PM
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The Magic Valley Racing Pigeon Club is hosting the Jackpot Racing Pigeon Show and Auction. We are a small club trying to get started, centered around Twin Falls, Idaho. The average age for our club is 35, so we are all relatively younger flyers but each of our members is driven towards the success of our new club. We are hoping to generate enough funds to operate the club and to start building starter lofts so we can encourage potential new members to join our sport.

The Magic Valley Racing Pigeon Club is hosting the Jackpot Racing Pigeon Show and Auction. Auction birds will be posted online on Pigeondepot.com for two weeks prior to the live auction. After the online auction ends, you will receive an automated email stating that you have a winning bid, please disregard that email as there will be a live auction that follows. Luke Young of Pigeon Depot will be the only one that knows your proxy bid amount and will be the only one to bid on your behalf. After the live auction I will send you an email to let you know if you won the auction and the winning bid amount. I will then send a Quickbooks invoice for the winning amount due, 3.5% fee will apply if paying through Quickbooks or PayPal, and no fee if sending check or money order.  Online Auction to start on 22-Nov-20 and end on 03-Dec-20 at 8:00pm Eastern Time, the Live Auction in Jackpot, NV will start and end on 05-Dec-20.

Please send questions to pigeondepot@gmail.com 


Location: ID

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Standard $60.00 per bird plus $10.00 for each bird, 5th bird starts over at $60 for each bird from same loft.

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