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This little lady bred me a couple of fantastic babies! 

She is Dam to “465” & “466”.  “465” Placed 11th @ 100m, 15th @ 200m, 24th @ 300m, 30th @ 300m and was 6th Champion Bird 2016 TCC OB’s.  His nestmate “466” placed 3rd @ 100m, 33rd @ 200m, 20th @ 300m, 56th @ 400m (480 actual miles) and was 9thChampion Bird 2016 TCC OB’s. 


Ended up not flying either one of these babies after 2016 as we moved.  Tried to rehome them but was unsuccessful and actually “466” flew back to the old house/ loft and ended up getting killed by a cat that got into the loft.  I think if we could have been able to keep flying them as Dale Golla would put it “They would have grown up to be somebody”!  LOL!!!!   I still have “465” and I will be listing him for sale also.

Location: Minnesota - Pigeon Depot Holding Loft

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