LOT 32: 3-Bird Racing Kit from David Gehrke
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3-Bird Racing Kit from a Performance Loft Sleepy Creek Loft is a performance-based loft in southern Minnesota that has raced with the Gopher State Racers, the former Southwest Combine and the Twin Cities Concourse since 2003. During that time Sleepy Creek has bred and raced two AU Champions, a number of multiple race winners, the 2nd place 2007 Midwest Convention bird and the Mid-Minnesota Futurity 2006 Average Speed winner. At the club level Sleepy Creek has won the title of Champion Old Bird for eight consecutive years and Champion Master Loft (Old Birds) in 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Sleepy Creek breeds from six select pairs and typically only keeps a dozen or so youngsters for its own purposes. Young birds are seldom raced but as yearlings they’re raced practically every week and as far as 380 miles. Using the principles from my book “Racing Pigeon Analytics: Winning With Data”, this family of performance birds requires little road training (half a dozen tosses per year at 15 miles or less is the typical regimen) but are exercised daily and often rout for 3-5 hours as youngsters. This three-bird racing kit comes with a free copy of “Racing Pigeon Analytics:Winning With Data”, currently a top-selling racing homer book that outlines the data-supported theories regarding training and racing homing pigeons that has guided Sleepy Creek Loft. The book is also available thru the “Racing Pigeon Digest” for $39.00. 2018 Young Birds 18-8380 & 18-8381 Nestmates - Silvers Sire: CRF-09-361 Silver Gordon Dam: GSR-11-1181 Silver Daughter of Early Eddie, AU Champ, Silverado Janssen The “Silver Pair” has produced a number of top racers for Sleepy Creek and other lofts including the 2016 GSR Bird of the Year and the 40th, 81st and 86th place birds in the 2016 Midwest Classic with over 2,200 birds participating. These hardy birds are usually at the top of race reports in the worst of weather, especially at the longer distances. 09-361, displaying his Gordon bloodlines, won a tough club race from 400 miles and took 4th Club in a 20 mph crosswind flying the long end on a 500. 391 also has a win from the 150 station. Dam 11-1181 was bred for stock from Early Eddie, AU Champion mated to 05-6001, 1st @ 175 (over 1600 ypm) plus two diplomas. Both her parents were Silverado Janssens. 18-8382 - Blue Check Janssen Hen Direct Daughter of an AU Champion Sire: GSR 08-8233 Blue Check, AU Champion, Keiser Janssen lines Dam: GSR 11-1196 Red Check Silverado Janssen and Detroit Schellens lines Sire 08-8233, the Kansas Kid, is the best all-distance racer I’ve ever flown. He was a 1st Club day bird from 500 miles (10th Combine) and also scored two Club wins from Topeka (380 miles), placing 7th and 10th at the Combine level in those two races. The Kid also earned 5 diplomas to go with his 3 wins. Not surprising he was Club Champion Old Bird two years in a row. Dam 11-1196 was bred for stock from 05-6003, 3 x 1st including 1st Club, 1st Combine and 10th Concourse from 400 miles and a full brother to Early Eddie, AU Champion. 1196’s dam was 05-6049, arguably the best producing hen I ever had. The SCL family of racers is both intelligent and hardy. As racers they’re typically respectable as young birds, exceptional as yearlings and dynamite as 2, 3 and 4 year olds. As far as hardiness, AU Champion Early Eddie is 14 years old and still kicking out youngsters.

Dave Gehrke

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