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Note to clients of Pigeondepot.com :


I was contacted by a bidder referencing a bid I placed on one of our own birds on the site. And, yes, I did place the bid. No double-talk or shrinking from the fact.  In eight years of posting- approximately 4300 birds on public sites, this is the very first time ever I even tried to place a bid as such- ever. You can check with the management of either website to verify that.


The short and long of it is, a friend who does not wish to have an account on the pigeon-auction websites called this morning to ask if I could place a proxy on the lot. I know it is convenient to say ‘a friend’; however, I am willing to provide the man’s phone number to anyone who wishes to call him. At this point, he has no idea that this has even caused a problem. You can even have a copy of my phone record to see that he called me leaving a voicemail and not the other way around.       I initially informed him that I did not think the sites even accept a username if it was the same as the seller. I tried, nevertheless, and it took a proxy. My first sentiment was that I was not comfortable with it. But, I actually thought if someone had a problem with it that they would call and I would simply explain why. Not so. It is easier to jump to conclusions than to ask questions.


I hope it is clearly understood that if I had wanted the bird, all I had to do was simply pull the little fellow from the auction. If I had wanted a minimum amount for the bird, I would simply have set the opening bid high, like I did on the Son of Iron Clad or Inbred Kannibaal on the same site. Furthermore, if I wanted to price-gouge, I probably could have simply changed my bidding-handle and bid.


It is astonishing and disheartening to me that within moments of placing a bid, concerned people are on the phone talking or writing      e-mails about this tacky and suspicious act.  I am truly bewildered that after a person can prove their integrity- literally thousands of times, that the very first thing assumed by concerned onlookers is that something ugly or dishonest is going on. Really?  I’m flattered that so many watch every detail of every bid on each of our birds. I say this with sincerity, yet it is a little creepy also.

Honestly, I am hoping that others do not treat you with the same level of suspicion- unless you’ve given them ample reason to do so. What a horrible world it would be if we automatically question the integrity of a person whom we’ve always trusted based upon an isolated act of which we have no inside information.


Literally, hundreds of times, we have had to deal with customer issues, where we are told that a bird has escaped, a bird has gotten sick, a bird won’t lay, the children have been of no value to them, that they didn’t like the bird, that they killed the bird, etc.  We have never asked for a band back or any proof that what they have said is true- NEVER- excepting one case where another person’s reputation was at stake with other parties.  Why? Because we prefer to give the benefit of the doubt.



I should have told my friend to find another way to bid on the bird. Again, you are welcome to his phone number if you wish to verify why I placed a bid on the bird. In addition, we will provide as gifts the cock at auction and another like him to the one who had the bid before the one I place as well as to the person I bid for. Two $1600 birds is a small price to pay in order re-engender confidence lost.












Location: Idaho - Pigeon Depot Holding Loft

Money Order, Check, Credit or Debit through QuickBooks (3.5% Fee) or Paypal (4% fee)

$60.00 standard or combined with other birds from same location for an additional $10.00 standard fee.

Sex is not guaranteed on each pigeon.