Our Mission and Motivation:

For far too long the online sales of pigeons has been controlled by high listing fees, traditional thinking and poor customer service. The same online auction sites have cornered the market and at the same time monopolized buyer's and seller's wallets over and again. The unwillingness to change has caused sellers to hesitate to list and has caused inflated prices for buyers.

Today we come to you as like minded Pigeon Fancier's and have decided to take matter's into our own hand's. It is time that the person selling can be confident that he/she will see the majority of the profit's and buyer's will see sale price's closer to worth. We bring to you an entirely new system for Online Auctions. Our system focuses on what is right for the buyer and the seller. Not our personal profit's. By keeping listing prices low and options to force them even lower.

Our site is proud to offer listing's fees where the seller can see 90% + of the profit rather than the traditional 65% like our competitors offer. Not only do we offer higher percentages of profit but lower priced auctions are now enabled because of the fact that we don't charge a flat rate. No matter the price of your listing there is a place on our system.

Your's in the sport,
- PigeonDepot.com

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